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Hello Everyone,

I am here today to inform you that I have purchased the server from @kaasblokje150, and am now the new owner. I am very grateful to Kaas for both providing me with the opportunity to own and improve this server, and for developing it into the great server it already is today.

This document outlines my current short-term plans for the server, so please take the time to read it and voice your opinion in the comments:

Please note, these changes are subject to change based on the response received from the community.

P.S. - All donators will be keeping their rank regardless of any external changes!

Kind Regards,
As you might have heard me and @TheRedstoneGeek are working on a new gamemode for Aquarious! I can tell you it's going to be awesome. However it still needs a lot of work to be done. We would like your help! We need a handful of active players to help us find bugs and come with suggestions.

Some requirements:
- Have atleast 20 hours of play time on AQ
- Be atleast 13 years old
- Be active
It would be a plus to live near the GMT+1 timezone, but it's really not necessary.

You can apply by mesasaging me on discord or on the forums here. (link to discord in the discord tab above, in the server I'm called "Stan")

We're looking forward to releasing the new gamemode as soon as possible, at the moment we have just a little over 2000 lines of code and we're growing quickly.
(!) Staff Updates (!)

As it is the 1st of the month, I must update @everyone on who our staff are now.

(>>) = Promoted

(<<) = Demoted

@Muawo (@Chano#7459) `Snr Mod >> Admin`

@NFLD99#3692 `Helper (>>) Moderator`

@TheRedstoneGeek#2560 `Moderator (<<) Trial-Staff`

@iiRigz @AyyItsRigz | AIRz#1423 `Member (>>) Trial-Staff`

@weelepercongaming#4388 `Member (>>) Trial-Staff`

@MeFast#4239 `Helper (>>) Moderator`

(Other Staff Include) ...​

Thank you all for voting this month! It really helps the server!
The winners with the most votes this month are:

First place: Keegan654 (33 Votes) - $20 Voucher
Second place: NoOrange (27 Votes) - $10 Voucher
Third place: Toxic_Mooshroom (23 Votes) - $5 Voucher

To receive your reward please contact me on the forums or ingame.

Votes have been reset.
Hey Aquarians,

Today is the day many of you have waited for, for the last few days. Today the server released the new and revamped server. We hope you like it! Although it might look pretty much finished we have some more things in store that hopefully will be available in a few days. This includes playermarkets, a place where people can rent a market stand and sell items to other players. This will replace the shop that we had on the previous server.


- New spawn
New server selector