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Hey Aquarians,

It has been a while since we started working on the revamp of AquariousMc and today I'm here to announce that we will begin the preparations for the revamp today. This means the server will be going into maintenance. As of now there are still some things we need to finish up and we don't expect it to only take 1 day. As of now the ETA is around 2 to 5 days and we will be doing our best to at least launch the new server before the weekend. To celebrate the new server we will be doing a 90% off sale once the server releases. Preparations are expected to begin at 1pm GMT.

More updates can be found on our discord:

Thank you all for voting this month! It really helps the server!
The winners with the most votes this month are:

First place: NoOrange (103 Votes) - $10 voucher
Second place: MeFast (94 Votes) - Free Donator rank
Third place: DrGoldenPanda (49 Votes) - 10 Ultra keys on all servers

To receive your reward please contact me on the forums or ingame.
Votes have been reset.​

Hey aquarians,

Some might already have heard some rumours about the revamp of AquariousMc but this is the official post. We will be revamping ALL of our servers, starting at the hub. We will be removing every plugin and starting again from scratch. This means, new plugins!, new spawns!, and better performance!

To make the server better we need your input! If you want something to be added to one of the servers please let us. This can be done on here, private messaging me or making a post on the forums.

Currently there is no ETA yet. Its expected that this revamp will atleast take us a few more weeks to get everything ready but there has been made a good amount of progress on the new hub spawn already.
The winners with the most votes are:

First place: NoOrange (53 Votes)
Second place: Cookie_chuls (52 Votes)
Third place: Rebel_Callum (49 Votes)

To receive your reward please contact me on the forums or ingame.
Votes have been reset.
Hello Aquarians!,

The following are the recruitments and promotions for March, I’m looking forward to working alongside them in building and supporting our community.

@Callum: Helper > Moderator
@TheRedstoneGeek Helper > Moderator
@Aria Member > Trial
@SuperCoolMomo Member > Trial

The following are our retired/demoted members...

@vasillis34 Moderator > Helper
@Upsett Helper > Member

Please join me in welcoming these accepted individuals and congratulate those who were promoted.