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Hello Aquarians!,

The following are the recruitments and promotions for February, I’m looking forward to working alongside them in building and supporting our community.

@Callum: Trial > Helper
@TheRedstoneGeek Trial > Helper
@Upsett Trial > Helper

Please join me in welcoming these accepted individuals and congratulate those who were promoted.

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Hello Aquarians,

I have decided to do a competition of the top 3 voters of the month.

1st place: $10 voucher for the donation shop
2nd place: free Donator rank
3rd place: 10 Rare Crate keys on factions and OpFactions

So don't forget to vote!
Hello Aquarians,

Yesterday the time was finally here. The release of the new and improved AquariousMc! We hope you like the server as much as we do and we hope we can have a great time on it together. If you encounter any issues on the server please let us know as soon as possible! You can report a bug here on the forums or contact us about it ingame and we will take a closer look into the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

There are still some things that need to be done on the server. This is a list of things that need to be done:

- Setting up voting FIXED

- No known issues

- Setting up crates
- Setting up kits
Hello Aquarians,

We have realised a lot of you guys have been wondering when we will be releasing, and its finally announced!

We are hoping to see loads of you on Aquarious this Friday, the 3rd February, 5PM - GMT.

Here are some spoilers of what you're gonna expect!




Thank you all! Remember to share the news!

Just to let people know. Donator ranks will not be reset. People who have bought Titan rank will get this rank globally ( Same goes for the rest of the ranks ). People who have bought Ultra on Skyblock will be automatically...
Hello Aquarians,

Most of you have probably realised we now have a Support Ticket section. Support tickets will be used for Ban Appeal's, Donation Support, and Player Reports. I will be running Support Tickets with Kaasblokje150 from now onwards.


Yellow (Aquarious Admin + Support)