These are the people who help bring this website to you.


I'm Aquarious's Administrator, I handle all the hiring and firing and most of the reports on the server. If you need help, message me in game or on the forums.
Don't pester me about applications though.

Hopefully I'll be here for a while.
Message me for help or enquiries!
The Developer and That guy that fixes Stuff
Hello there!
I'm aquarious's Server Developer and front/back end Website Developer.
(That means I manage all of the site and the server plugins)

I've been here a while now and this is definitely the most promising Server I've been developing for.

Message me for help or info on the server!
The Owner and original Aquarian
Hello there!

I'm the the owner of AquariousMc. I'm constantly working to improve the server and add new features for the server.

If you have any questions just hit me up on the forums or on discord and I will be happy to answer them!