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    Hey Aquarians,

    Today is the day many of you have waited for, for the last few days. Today the server released the new and revamped server. We hope you like it! Although it might look pretty much finished we have some more things in store that hopefully will be available in a few days. This includes playermarkets, a place where people can rent a market stand and sell items to other players. This will replace the shop that we had on the previous server.


    - New spawn
    New server selector
    New plugins
    Improved performance

    -=[Factions Red]=-
    - New custom world
    - Bringing back the classic factions feel
    - Return of /f top
    - Less custom enchantments on 1 item
    - Improved performance
    - New King of The Hill events
    - New Supplydrops
    - A lot of small things are improved

    -=[Factions Blue]=-
    - New spawn
    - New Custom duping plugin
    - New King of The Hill events
    - New Supplydrops
    - New custom enchants
    - New /trade plugin
    - New faction wars
    - New plugin where you get money for killing mobs and players
    - New Playermarkets (Coming Soon)
    - New Lotteries (Coming Soon)

    - Return of /f top
    - Return of /f chat
    - A lot of small new things
    - Improved performance


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